Some information about online Payment

For our online payments we use PayPal, a global leader in internet payment transactions. All discounts or special offers will be refunded via PayPal.
PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards and offers a trusted and secure service.
When you place an order with Oxley Clinics, you go through the usual process of choosing from product options and placing items in your shopping basket. At a certain point in the checkout stage, you are transferred to PayPal’s secure website. You then have the following options:
   •    If you already have an account with PayPal, or if you choose to open one now, you may use that to pay for your order.
   •    You may choose to submit your credit card details just for this order without opening a PayPal account.

About PayPal Accounts

As you will see when you reach their pages, PayPal are very keen for you to open an account. You don’t have to, and some people are very cautious about doing something like this. In fact, though, it might be worth considering. It will speed up future transactions not just with Oxley Clinics but with the many other online shops that use PayPal. Having a PayPal account does not itself entail any costs. You pay, through your credit card, only for any purchases that you make.

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